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The first Tromp Music Competition was held in Eindhoven in 1971 at the initiative of Theo Tromp, then vice-president of the Philips Co., in cooperation with the city of Eindhoven. Theo Tromp made a considerable financial gift to this city, with the stipulation that it was to be used for a competition aimed at promoting the careers of young professional instrumentalists in Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg. From the start the city of Eindhoven has contributed both financial and organizational support to the competition.

In the first years, the Tromp Music Competition simply offered the winner a concert with Het Brabants Orkest. Then in 1992, upon the opening of the Music Center Frits Philips through their new professional facilities the Tromp Muziek Biënnale gained more standing.

The Tromp Music Competition developed into one that offered a real opportunity to further the careers of participating musicians. Competition winners had the potential and capacity to later occupy a worthy place within national and international music establishments. The organization became increasingly professional, jury members were selected on the basis of their international reputations. In addition, the competition focused on those instruments for which few professional competitions as yet existed.

Since the 1990s, the Tromp Music Competition has been expanded to include concerts at other locations in Eindhoven. Over the years the Tromp Music Competition has been transformed into the Tromp Muziek Biënnale, one including various events held throughout October.

The competition in 2006 will be devoted to percussion, in 2008 to String Quartet and in 2010 again to Percussion. This cycle will then be repeated.

The central event of the Tromp Biënnale, which already occupies a prominent place in The Netherlands, is the Competition. It has become an international competition: a prestigious event with significant prizes and a number of development prizes.

The Tromp Festival offers a broad, city-wide, up to date and innovative portrait of the instrument central to the Competition.

Tromp 2008 for String Quartet
Four & more

The 19th edition of the Tromp International Music Competiton was held from 15-23 November 2008. 13 string quartets participated in the competition. The participants came from all over the world, 16 different nationalities in total.
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