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Originally operating under the moniker Forbidden Evil, this metal band was formed in San Francisco, around 1985. Its original line-up comprised of Russ Anderson on vocals, Glen Alvelais and Craig Locicero on guitar, Matt Camacho on bass and Paul Bostaph behind the drumkit. Rob Flynn was also briefly a member before joining Violence, and later on Machine Head.

Through their early demos the band soon signed a record deal with Combat Records. Their name was truncated to Forbidden while the full title was saved for their full length debut album "Forbidden Evil" (1988).

The band toured thourgh Europe in support of the release during 1989, appearing at the Dynamo Open Air Festival in Holland. This was recorded and the subsequent live album, "Raw Evil At The Dynamo", was released the same year.

"Twisted Into Form", released in 1990, was again received well by the media and public. A split between Megaforce and Atlantic Records left Forbidden without an outlet for much of the early 90s, so they had to search for another label: they signed to German label Gun.

Before the next studio album, "Distortion", was released in 1994, drummer Paul Bostaph left the band and went on to play with Slayer. Bostaph was replaced by Steve Jacobs.

Definately keeping up with the pace, Steve worked with the band on their last two releases, "Distortion", and power metal masterpiece "Green". After this final studio release in 1997 the group disbanded.

Camacho, Locicero and Jacobs formed Manmade God, Anderson worked on his Parking Lot Prophets project, and Calvert joined Nevermore.

Forbidden reunited in 2008. Initially recruiting guest drummer Gene Hoglan, later tapping Mark Hernandez to play the drums.
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