Leslie Nielsen
The Netherlands
Music group
From the start in 2003 LeslieNielsen has been a three-piece band with an incredible ability to rock. Evolved from their affection towards jazz as a way to approach music, they found a style of playing which is danceable and accessible in one way and interesting and skilled in another.

Their breakthrough came in September 2004 when they had the chance to perform on the biggest stages in Holland such as 013, Tivoli and Paradiso as a support act of one of the greatest vocal rock bands of the Netherlands, Van Dik Hout.

In 2005 LeslieNielsen joined forces with the famous Soulrabbi, one of Germany´s most beloved Funksoul DJ´s, which resulted in hundreds of overwhelmingly enthousiastic fans in Germany and Holland.

Every time you hear them perform you will witness the infectious amount of passion and energy created by the way they play their instruments.

Michaël Coomans - guitar
Niels Spee - hammond organ
Salle de Jonge - drums
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