* February 11, 1974
United States
Solo Artist
Born in Richmond, Virginia, the son and grandson of preachers, D'Angelo (real name: Michael Eugene Archer) showed precocious musical talent as a small child and began playing piano at the age of five.

By the time he hit 18, D'Angelo was a three time Amateur Night at the Apollo winner and a member of a rap act called I.D.U. It was through a demo tape of that now forgotten act that D'Angelo first caught the ears of the industry. A record exec was impressed with I.D.U's tracks and asked to meet the man behind them.

In 1991 D'Angelo was signed to a publishing deal, which would eventually lead to his recording deal with the now defunct EMI Records. In 1994, D'Angelo co-wrote and co-produced the stirring anthem "U Will Know" which was the lead off single from the Jason's Lyric Soundtrack. Quickly the buzz grew to deafening levels and in 1995, Brown Sugar hit the streets. With the January 2000 release of his his much anticipated followup, Voodoo, D'Angelo further establishes himself as a Neo-soul icon as the album reaches #1 on the Billboard charts. With the first single, "Untitled" (How Does It Feel), ranking #1, he hits the road on an explosive National tour, having it followed by the launch of a European tour.
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