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Dark Tranquillity is acknowledged as one of the founders, of the style of death metal often referred to as Gothenburg, blending melodic guitar harmonies with brutal death metal riffing. With their move to Century Media (and a slightly modified lineup) in 1999 came a slight shift in style, away from traditional death metal, while still retaining their earlier intensity.

The earliest indices of the band can be traced back to 1989, when singer Anders Fridén, lead-guitarist Niklas Sundin, rhythm-guitarist Mikael Stanne, bassist Martin Henriksson and drummer Anders Jivarp founded Septic Broiler that relied on regular thrash-metal.

In 1990, the band cut the demo cassette "Enfeebled Earth". The band soon changed its name to Dark Tranquillity and turned to non-linear deathmetal.

In 1991, they recorded "Trail of Life Decayed" at Studio Soundscape.

The music subsequently began to focus on dueling guitar harmonies and complex song structures combined with an intense aural assault rooted in the thrash tradition of the 1980s, although approaching elements from NWOBHM and melodic death-metal, which was dubbed melodeath.

In 1993, the band recorded Skydancer. In 1995 Fridén left Dark Tranquillity, while Stanne took over the role as singer in the band and they employed guitarist Fredrik Johansson.

In the summer of 1996 they recorded and mixed the MCD "Enter Suicidal Angels" at Studio Fredman, during the session for "The mind's I".

In 1999, Dark Tranquillity released "Projector". The album experimented with electronic elements and an equivalent distance to melodeath, while Stanne occasionally sang with an extremely tearful voice. The album was met with scepticism from their hardcore fans, but gained quite an amount of new fans as well.

Johansson left Dark Tranquillity, and bassist Michael Nicklasson and keyboarder Martin Brändström were recruited, while Henriksson switched to the guitar.

In 2000, the band released "Haven" which contained even more electronic elements and a further distance to melodeath in favour of straight-forward heavy metal. Stanne on the other hand sang scarcely as varied as on its predecessor. The album was met with positive response from the press.

In 2002 their album "Damage Done" was released. It is more technical and intense in feel; a direct and solid sound, yet with lots of complex arrangements and sonic structures emerging from below the surface. While not by any means being a sheepish "back to the roots" album, some of the aggressive aesthetics present in Dark Tranquillity’s earlier work have resurfaced, giving birth to some faster passages, pounding and inherently catchy throughout.

In september 2003 the DVD Live Damage was released. More then 3 hours of live footage, promo video's, interview and much more.

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