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Children Of Bodom are from Espoo, Finland, about 10 km from their capital Helsinki. Children Of Bodom was found at the end of 1997 when their debute ablum 'Something Wild' was released. Before that the bandname was 'Inearthed'.

Inearthed was orginally found by Alexi and Jaska in 1993. Then Ale, Henkka and their former keyborder J.Pirisjoki joined the band. They released two demos, the first one was called 'Ubiquitos Absence Of Remission' and contained four songs. It was recorded in 1994 at Astia Studios. The second one was called 'Shining' and had also four songs on it. It was recorded 2 years later. The sound on both demos is (for a demo) quite good, but Inearthed is clearly different to what Children Of Bodom play nowadays. Inearthed is melodic death metal.

Inearthed's 'Something Wild' was originally planned to be published through a small belgian record company, but Sami Tenetz (Thy Serpent) gave the 'Somehting Wild' demo to Spinefarm's boss Ewo Rytkönen who liked it so much that he did a contract with them. The contract contained three records. When Inearthed knew that they had contract with Spinefarm they broke up to the Belgian company and changed their name to 'Children of Bodom'.

The lake Bodom was the scene of a multiple murder on the 5th of June 1960 which is still not solved. Shortly after the Spinefarm release of "Something Wild" in November 1997 the band was offered a contract with Nuclear Blast for European distribution.

The band now recorded a new song called "Children Of Bodom" which was released as a limited single and stayed #1 on the Finnish charts for eight weeks without any real promotion of it.

On the 30th of October 2000 "Follow The Reaper" was released in Finland with a world wide release through Nuclear Blast in January 2001 (Europe) and February 2001 (USA). The first week resulted in more than 50 000 copies sold in Middle-Europe. The chart positions were 3rd in Finland, 46th in Germany, 88th in France and 38th in Austria.

In the beginning of 2001 Children Of Bodom toured with Primal Fear and Sacred Steel in Europe but the US tour was unfortunately cancelled.
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