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Curaao, The Netherlands
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Izaline Calister, a highly talented singer, composer and lyricist with a distinctive personal musical style. A charismatic performer, she can be at times warm and intimate, then again expressive and extroverted, masterfully weaving together the traditional music of her native island, Curaçao (Dutch Caribbean), with Jazz. Izaline possesses the exceptional gift that makes all the difference for a soloist, as she sings in her mother tongue, Papiamentu, with feeling and grace. She has this ability to remain true to her roots and successfully reach out and conquer audiences around the world singing in an unfamiliar language, while melding seamlessly the pulsating rhythms of Afro-Antilles music with Jazz.

Duo Conversations - Series of concerts with Randal Corsen, piano.

Krioyo theatre-tour - Touring some 40 theatres in The Netherlands with the 8-piece IC-band. ‘Sharing the joy of Antillean music.’

Celebration-concerts for the ‘Statuut’ - Invited by the departments of Culture and Home Affairs to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ‘Statuut van de Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba’, Izaline performed on Aruba, Curaçao and in a TV-show in the ‘Ridderzaal’, The Hague.

Singing for the queen - At the televised presentation of the new Dutch bible-translation, singing the Lord’s Prayer in Papiamentu (‘Nos Tata’), attended by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix.

Antillean tour - Concerts with own band on the Dutch Antilles. First time live on Aruba!

Guestperformance with ‘Tumbabo’ - At North Sea Jazz Festival accompanied by the fantastic orchestra of band-leader Randal Corsen.

Krioyo - Third cd of the Izaline Calister band, this time extended with string-quartet ‘Strings Unlimited’.

She got game too - Together with six great fellow vocalists and theater personalities, Izaline performs in a show filled with music, dance and laughter.

Pili Pili best of-tour - Germany-tour to celebrate the 20th birthday of the band led by ‘tastenderwisch’ Jasper van ’t Hof.

‘Amsterdamse Kracht’ - Composition and performance for the New-Years Party of the municipality of Amsterdam.

Project ‘Kanta Konsiente’ (= Conscious Singing) - Invited by cultural foundation ‘Kas di Kultura’ in Curaçao Izaline gave a series of lectures and workshops for schools and choirs. For this project she wrote a syllabus on singing technique and a booklet, called ‘Na Paradera’ about ‘seú’, one of many traditional music-styles of Curaçao.

Made in Holland - Musical project that involves the talents of 45 musicians and singers of many different nationalities. Participants are e.g. Edsilia Rombley (Neth. Antilles), Twarres (NL) and Fernando Lameiriñas (Portugal). Made in Holland is artistically supervised by Leoni Jansen.

Summerfestiaval-tour with IC-band in Ireland, Italy and holland.

Vagina Monologues - Izaline has been invited to join the cast of the Dutch version of the famous ‘Vagina Monologues’ by Eve Ensler.

She got game too - Initial tour of the theater-show.

Mariposa - Second album of the IC-band.
Nominated for the Edison-awards 2003.

Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw

Duo with Randal Corsen, piano

Juffrouw Kokolishi’s bruiloft - Theatre-show for children that toured the Dutch theaters.

Noord Nederlands Orkest - Open-air Concert with this symphonic orchestra. Izaline was very happy to be surrounded by so many violins.

Fiesta Kurasoleño - Izaline put together this band with extended horn-section to give tribute to the wonderful music of one of the greatest composers in Curaçao, Rignald Recordino, better known as Doble R.

Theatre-tour in 25 Dutch theatres with IC-band

Michiel Borstlap’s Vocal 2001 - Special project with piano player Michiel Borstlap. Joined by singers Deborah Carter and Wies Ingwersen Izaline performed with this great trio in Dutch theaters.

Tour through Guatemala, Mexico, Honduras with the small accoustic line-up of the Izaline Calister band.

Tumba festival 2001- Izaline was chosen as the ‘Tumba Queen’ of this years carnival performing the song ‘Mucha di Otrabanda’ better known as ‘Sa sa na awasa’.

Jamesz - Highly original jazz-trio with a very distinctive own mixture of jazz, funk and worldmusic. Their second release ‘Fatuh’ features lyrics by Izaline (Tibaldinho).

Soño di un muhé - First album of IC-band. The cd-presentation in Curaçao resulted in a number 1 position in the local top 40. It was the first time that a jazz-album stirred so much commotion in the top 40 of Izaline’s native island. Momentous presentation in the BIM-huis, Amsterdam. Raving reviews (Dutch) and a great deal of publicity followed.

Michiel Borstlap’s Temple of Dance - special project with Michiel Borstlap were the importance of being free was translated into groovy dance music. No rehearsal’s, no commitments, no boundaries. Just playing, listening, reacting and having fun. With this project Izaline performed in New York city.

The Izaline Calister Band - Izaline put together her band out of talented musicians, hailing from Curaçao. This formation would accompany Izaline on her cd-releases.

Grupo Zamanakitoki - Invited by bass-player Eric Calmes, Izaline re-started singing in Papiamento. The band could well be considered as the cradle of Izaline’s current style of music.

Aquarela do Brasil - In 1996 Izaline started playing Brazilian songs with guitar-player Rob Elfrink, which eventually ended up in this full-manned formation.

Dissidenten - German world-music formation, founded in 1981. Izaline sang with them for three years.

Pili Pili - With this formation led by Jasper van ’t Hof, Izaline started touring internationally.

Duo with Rob Elfrink - Still every now and then Rob and Izaline play at small jazz-clubs bringing their original adaptations of Brazilian evergreens, jazz-standards and some good old Curaçao waltzes.
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