Lorenzo Feliciati
Solo Artist
He started playing in Rome clubs around the age of twenty, privileging Rock-blues bands for his first "official" steps. This choice has indissolubly marked his formation, creating a “strong" background that has contributed to the definition of his sound and style, with an approach that never forgets the role of " harmonic and rhythmic support " the Bass always has to give the band.

Together with a constant Live activity
he continues to study, paying particular attention to the evolution of the role of Bass, especially in more extreme music styles, considered as “less noble” by many musicians.

He has strived, during the years, to succeed in working as a session man for famous Pop artists, while focusing, on the other hand, on some "Classics" (such as the Tribute to the genius of Jimi Hendrix “POWER OF SOUL”). Luckily, he has succeeded in firmly collaborating with some Pop acts, such as Niccolò Fabi, Tiromancino, Neri Per Caso, etc. ,
who pay great attention to the quality of their music.

Lately, he has played on the first soloist CD of the great Agostino Marangolo, drummer for Pino Daniele,
Goblin, Irene Grandi, Napoli Centrale, Francesco Bruno, Neri per Caso, etc. etc., and is now touring Italy and Europe with him (together with Antonio Marangolo and Pierpaolo Principato).
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