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On July 4th, 1997, Paul Ryan and Jeremy Turner, acquaintances through mutual friends, had a conversation that would change their lives. Shortly thereafter, the two guitarists/vocalists got together and started jamming with the intent to create a band embodying blistering speed, total brutality, technical proficiency, and the utmost in quality musicianship. In October of '97, they convinced longtime friend Clint Appelhanz to put down his guitar, pick up a bass and join the two. Coincidentally, Paul was also good friends with vocalist Mark Manning, who possessed an unbelievably monstrous voice of unmatched ferocity. After hearing the damage the existing members had rendered, Mark aligned himself with the nascent group.

In January of '98, the quartet found drummer George Fluke, who enabled the artists to push the boundaries of their music even further. Finally, after deciding on a moniker that best represented their vision, the unearthly entity known as Origin was created.

Four months after formation, Origin landed a high-profile gig opening for Suffocation, and unleashed on the unsuspecting crowd a torrent of unbelievably technical, pulverizing death metal. The band then entered the studio and recorded a four song, self-financed and self-distributed demo entitled A Coming Into Existence, which received rave reviews. In October of '98, Origin secured an opening show on the "Death Across America Tour" which included Nile, Cryptopsy, Oppressor and Gorguts.

In February of 1999, drummer John Longstreth (formerly of Angel Corpse) joined Origin, replacing George Fluke, furthering the thunderous Origin assault. John also brought with him bassist Doug Williams, previously of Cephalic Carnage, who would also join Origin, replacing Clint Appelhanz. The revamped lineup immediately began writing new material and injecting more life and vigor into the old material, while playing many shows in Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arkansas. After obtaining the A Coming Into Existence demo, Relapse Records quickly welcomed Origin into its family of artists. After their first tour, James Lee (formerly of Ill Omen) was brought into the camp to head the vocal assault (replacing Mark Manning), his sick vocals bring the old songs to a whole other level, with a vocal range of inhumanly low to sickly grindy scratch, his style is a perfect match for Origin.

Referencing everything from Atheist to Suffocation, Origin can only be described as a relentless musical war. Exploding forth with the intensity of a second Big Bang phenomenon, Origin launch cranium-collapsing projectiles of extremely fierce deathgrind, merging technicality with utter brutality. A devastating live set at the 1999 November To Dismember hinted at the contents of Origin's self-titled debut. Their debut delivered a punishing concussion, fusing merciless staccato guitar riffing with a homicidal vocal triumvirate and a rapid-fire percussive attack that shatters the space-time continuum. Menacing tracks such as Lethal Manipulation (The Bonecrusher Chronicles), Vomit You Out, Mental Torment and Inner Reflections are but a few extreme examples of what Origin are capable of with their unique deathgrind.

Origin performed at all the major 2000 U.S. festivals including the Milwaukee Metalfest, Metal Meltdown, November To Dismember and the Midwest Metalfest, allowing many newcomers to witness the phenomenon. They also participated in the Contamination Tour 2000, with Exhumed and Cephalic Carnage. The buzz on the band quickly grew as word of their uncompromising live performances spread rapidly. Origin was invited to take part in the high profile Death Across America 2000 Tour, joining forces with Poland's Vader and labelmates Cephalic Carnage and Dying Fetus - further annihilating the metal masses.

The band went out yet again in March and April of 2001 with Cryptopsy, Candiria, and Poison The Well, pulverizing the masses and gaining even more notoriety in the underground word.

In 2003 Longstreth left Origin and was replaced by Jeremy Gregg. Gregg on his turn was followed up by James King, who left in October 2005.
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