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Extreme old-school death metal is what New York's Suffocation delivered during their successful career in the nineties. All the classic trademarks of the genre are there - hyperspeed blast beats, growly vocals, and intense riffing.

To put it in other words: Suffocation plays extremely powerful music laced with fairly graphic lyrics. It makes the band one of the best of the American death metal vanguard along with Morbid Angel, Deicide and Nile.

Ex-Malevolent Creation drummer Dave Culross joined the band on the "Despise The Sun EP".

The band had more or less disbanded after the release of "Despise The Sun" in 1998, but in March 2003 a reformation was announced, with a renewed line up featuring original drummer Mike Smith again. Smith had left the band in 1994, to be replaced by Doug Bohn.
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