Justin Timberlake
* January 31, 1981
United States
Music group
There are few artists who truly deserve the title of superstar. Justin Timberlake is undoubtedly one of them. As one fifth of the multiplatinum *NSYNC, he's responsible for the hits "Pop", "Gone", and "Girlfriend" on the group's last album Celebrity. With *NSYNC sales of over 30 million worldwide, Timberlake branched out on his own for his highly anticipated solo effort, Justified.

Justin hookedup with hip producer and Timbaland and the hit-making team The Neptunes, who produced seven songs on the album. "After working with Pharrell and Chad on "Girlfriend", we had such a connection that it was a no-brainer to work with them again", says Timberlake. The combination this time around is a risk-taking journey to unchartered musical territory.

The early days...

Justin Timberlake's parents are Lynn Harless and Randy Timberlake. Justin has two step-brothers named Stephen and Jonathan. He had a twin sister too, Laura Katherine, who died minutes after birth.

Although Justin Timberlake made his TV debut on the '80s talent show Star Search, he lost. Justin's first real break came when he was cast in The New Mickey Mouse Club (MMC). That's where Justin Timberlake met Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Keri Russell and future fellow *NSYNCer JC Chasez.

Chris Kirkpatrick wanted to start a vocal group so he contacted Justin Timberlake who he had met at various auditions. After the end of MMC, JC Chasez had stayed in Orlando with Justin Timberlake and so they both decided to join Chris Kirkpatrick's vocal group. One night, they met up with this dude named Joey Fatone who they kinda knew and he wanted to join the group too. A guy named Jason was the the fifth member.

Justin Timberlake's mom came up with the name *NSYNC by using the last letter in each guy's first name. Jason dropped out and Justin Timberlake's vocal coach suggested this kid from Mississippi named Lance Bass. Not satisfied with just being a member of the biggest boy band around, Justin Launched a solo career with his album Justified.

When Justin Timberlake's not chillin' with his best friend, Trace Ayala (who designed clothes for the now-defunct clothing line FuMan Skeeto), he's mixin' things up with the ladies.

Justin Timberlake - as the whole planet knows - used to date Britney Spears. In 2002, Justin Timberlake was spotted locking lips with pop diva Janet Jackson at Missy Elliott's birthday bash. More recently Justin Timberlake has turned his attention to Cameron Diaz.

In February 2004, Timberlake prompted a fit of moral outrage in America when, live on prime time television, he exposed Janet Jackson's right breast during a sexually charged duet at the Super Bowl half-time show. This did not stop the singer picking up Grammy awards a week later for best male pop vocal performance ("Cry Me A River") and best pop vocal album (Justified).
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