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* March 23, 1970
United States
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Drum Set, 1980, Professional


Ambient, Professional

Blues, Professional

Country, Professional

Jazz, professional

Rock, Professional

BANDS; The Blisters, Free Wheein', Woodwork, The Acousticats, The Corvairs, Dear Marsha, Armed & Dangerous, All Men Are Liars Band, Hollow Bones, The Scooter Barnes Band, The Box Brothers, Little Raven Street...at 10 more, I can't rememeber right now.


Long time hired gun weekend warrior on the Denver Colorado music scene. Have played a variety of styles in bands.

Some excellent, some good, some average.

Can play most stuff off the cuff. Approach each gig with professionalism I Love a challenge and performing on stage. Estimate 1,500 plus performances.

Tastes all over the place, from Bob Dylan, The Who, Jane Monheit, Zepplin, Beatles, John Prine, Miles Davis, Rush, Allison Krauss, Paul Simon, Frank Zappa, Patsy Cline, Beethoven, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Coltrane, Tower of Power, Isley Bothers, Dennis Chambers, Tony Bennett, to Santana.

Point is, I love to listen & play good music. No prejudices. If it's good, it's good. See myself as a solid player that appreciates texture, dynamics and the space between the notes. Tasteful in all styles of playing.

Cell, 720-436-5683


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