the mark (analog missionary)
* April 25, 1975
United States
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biography Endorsements

• Turk Masters Cymbals and ethnic percussion instruments

• Silverfox Drumsticks

• Qwikstix Accesories

Tour dates

• Presently in the studio recording 3rd full-length album

• Recently (2006) toured w/ Dramarama

• See for archived tour dates

Equipment list

• Tama, DW, Pork Pie, and Yamaha acoustic drums

• Roland V-drums (TD20, TD10, 2 X TD7)

• EMU E5000 Samplers

• Pintech, Hart, Smartrigger, Roland triggers

• Axis pedals and hardware

• Istanbul, Zildjian, Sabian, Ufip cymbals

• AKG, Neumann, Sennheiser & Shure mics and IEMs


• Eponymous (Spastic Fury) 1986

• Slide (Oasis Tolliver) 1997

• Transmitter (Analog Missionary) 2002

• Voyage of the Demeter (AM) 2004

• #3-untitled (AM) 2006- upcoming

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