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* December 18, 1967
United Kingdom
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biography Lawrence ‘Larry’ Paterson was born in Matamata, New Zealand, in 1967 (yes…the same place that Peter Jackson filmed Hobbiton in). By the age of 15 he had taken up the drums, influenced by the sounds of classic hard rock and heavy metal made by bands such as Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath and AC/DC. Several bands in New Zealand followed until by 1988 Lawrence relocated to the United Kingdom.

Once there he again found himself in several bands of different caliber and levels of achievement. In 1992 he was drumming with thrashers Arbitrater, who released two albums while touring with the likes of Xentrix and Acid Reign, before calling it a day in 1995.

For a period of time Lawrence helped out Cozy Powell’s drum tech Eddie Naughton during the writing and recording of the Black Sabbath ‘Forbidden’ album. Striking up a friendship with one of his all time drum heroes left an indelible impression on Lawrence who was devastated when he heard of Cozy’s untimely death in 1998. Cozy had had a profound influence of Lawrence’s playing style and attitude to both music in general and metal in particular and he now has possession of two of Cozy’s beautiful Yamaha drum kits that he occasionally uses on stage (the black and silver and black and gold kits familiar from Sabbath and Brian May tours). Cozy had even put Lawrence forward as a possible replacement in the Peter Green Splinter Group, but ultimately he was unsuccessful…the deft touch of a shuffle and blues player unnatural to Lawrence’s ingrained heavy metal sensibilities!

Lawrence has also written nine books about a totally different kind of Heavy Metal. Since 2000 he has written non-fiction histories of Germany’s Second World War U-boat service, inspired largely by his lifelong interest in the Second World War and working as a Scuba instructor, diving the wartime wrecks off France. During this period he also managed to severely break his elbow while falling off rollerblades. Once the doctors had stopped laughing at him (it happened on his birthday) he was told that even after a full recovery he would never straighten his arm again. This, luckily, turned out to be incorrect and after weeks of lifting weights his arm was virtually as good as new….so it was back to the drums again.

More recently Lawrence was the prime mover in Chokehold, who also released three albums. The first, ‘The Killing Has Begun’, was handled by Casket Records during 2006 while the second, ‘The Sweet Sense Of Genocide’, and third, ‘Eight Days In May’ have become successful independent releases.

Coupled with this Chokehold released a promotional video for the track Faith Of Fear which featured on Scuzz and MTV.

The band appeared on Channel 4 as part of the Harvey Goldsmith series, featuring on the episode that revolved around the fortunes of British metal veterans Saxon. Impressed with Chokehold’s performance, Saxon immediately offered them the opening slot on their UK ‘Inner Sanctum’ tour that took place in May 2007.

However, despite some success during and after this tour, including the offer of a deal from Germany’s Armageddon Records, Lawrence decided that he had done as much as he could with Chokehold and moved on.

This time he stepped up a gear by auditioning for Blaze Bayley, finally offered the full time position after a London Clive Aid show on 28 October 2007. Blaze Bayley hit the road for remainder of 2007 before retreating to write material for their first album under the Blaze Bayley label.

The new Blaze Bayley album, entitled ‘The Man Who Would Not Die’ was finally released on 7 July 2008. The tours that followed included shows in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Eire, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Croatia, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Brazil, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy and Greece.

In 2009 the double live album and DVD ‘The Night That Will Not Die’ was released, the following year the band’s second album ‘Promise And Terror’ also emerging. However, shortly after this, in May 2010, Lawrence departed the band due to personal and professional differences with some of the other members. An unfortunately short-lived period with metal band Sinocence followed, their last album ‘Scar Obscura’ was released in 2009 to great critical acclaim.

In the meantime Lawrence authored a book on the Blaze Bayley band’s history entitled ‘At The End Of The Day’, published in 2009, an updated reprint following in October 2010.

Also, during October Larry has joined Nottingham metalheads Mirrorblack and created IV Stroke with vocalist/guitarist/bassist Ian Millward and guitar maestro Dave Andrews for some heads down no-bullshit headbanging fun.

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