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* October 18, 1964
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biography Born and raised in Belgium.As so many kids I got my first

rhythmical trances when I used to march around the livingroom to music that my dad played,I must have been 5.

I remember my parents playing a lot of classical records and some gospel music,but i think it was some marching band music that gave me the drum-bug.

My godfather-who used to play the clarinet-introduced me to jazz music.I remember when

he played records, he always danced (in boxing style-he was a boxer) through the livingroom.

And there was a vibe beaming off of him that was infectious and stuck with me always.

I got influenced by listening to my aunts Elvis records and my nephew and me used to make up our own drumkits out of plastic seats and cardboard soapbins.About the age of 15 I got aware of my brothers’ record collections;One used to influence me with Motown,Soul and Disco,and the other one with Beatles,Jimi Hendrix,Eagles,Zappa and Little Feat a band that influenced me the most.It took me untill I was 18 to get my first drumkit.I wasn’t a good

student on drums so had to learn by listening,playing along and playing a lot with friends.Trying some heavy rock music in the beginning,but soon found my drumming worked better in pop-rock and blues music. After some time I joined a band called Stone Reed Five playing popsongs mixed with rock,funk,jazz and pre hip-hop influences.

We had our own written material mostly written by genious Pascal De Gueldere

(singer/guitar-songwriter) and we were a smashing live band for 4 years-

a lot of people stated that every song we brought had hit potential!!-Unfortunatly the band came to a split and I went to search for new bands.For years I changed from band to band at my peak playing 2 to 3 at the same time.I played a lot of bleus trying to learn more and making a step up towards playing jazz. For a while I stopped playing

because of the ongoing differences and fights among groupmembers,it kept me from growing in my playing.At that time I started The Drum Club,an organisation for the

drummer and percussionist, putting all my effort in organizing clinics,workshops,

a 2 monthly drummagazine „Belgo Beat” and a once a year Drumfestival having players like Jo-Jo Mayer,Tal Bergman,Robin Dimaggio,Brad Dutz,

Chuck Silverman,Bruce Becker,Luis Luz,Rene Creemers,Nippy Noya,Jim Chapin,Dom Famularo,Marco Minnemann(that time still unknown in the drummercommunity) and many

others.It was a pleasure to organize these events but I had to give it up after 5 years due to a burn out and financial trouble. After a while I started to play drums again with some bands ,and started to focus on playing percussion.I always had a dream of doing something on stage with a huge kit of odd percussion.Saving up what I could and swapping some drums for percussion gear I started to get together everything from small handpercussion to tabla’s and udu’s even making some own percussion instruments,building it into a huge kit that once filled up a 4x5 meter room! I trew myself into playing a lot with worldmusic cd’s and tapes, that gave me the possibility to play in the theatre

where I met string player Antony Boast who had as myself a huge collection of world string instruments. After the theater he invited me to join his Braga project,playing

a combination of hypnotic world music and impovisation that soon resulted into recording 2 cd’s; „Braga-Raga” and „Braga-Blue”.

We played some live gigs and toured for one month with our act on a cruise ship going from the Arab Emirates to India,Malaysia and Thailand which was an unforgettable experience.After i moved to Hungary were i am still living now.The last years I developed my earlier vocal talents and started out playing guitar resulting in joining Xerocks, hungarian cover band as a singer.Recently I started to play drums again,working in a drumstore and building some own custom-drumsets.

Although I’m not a professional musician at all ,trying and dreaming made me able to expand my musical knowledge and versatility giving me great satisfaction.

Between 1989 and 2008 I played with

-Stone Reed Five


-The Jenkins


-De Plakband


-Hugo Spencer


-Romeo Spinelli

-Mansana Salsa Band

-The Reeves

-Tequila Sunrise



-Stef Bos


-Blue in Green


-Petrik Gabor Group(HU)

(and 3 more bands !?forgot the names!!)


I recently started to make my own custom drums,Canto Custom Drums makes affordable no-nonsense custom drums that sound awsome...

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balazs elemer
Bruce Becker
Dobmuseum / Drummuseum-Hungary
Lignum drums
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