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* October 9, 1978
United States
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biography BOTBP is a multiple company that provides educational entertainment,arm and unarm security officers for audiences.BOTBP has been recogoized by schools and community groups for its productions that are geared towards arts in educations.Mr Deshon Newman founder,artistic dicector,choreographer,security officer.Born in chicago,illinois,has crossed the threshold to become a percussionist.Mr Newman plays a variety of instruments he has been playing drums since elementary school and he began playing African percussion while in high school during his participation in the award-winning Gallery 37 program where he was an apprentice artist.There is where he was first introduced to the art of African drumming by his Gallery 37 intructors,Mr Terrance Lake and Mr Felix D-KAT Pollard.Mr Newman has played in many concerts and has had many solo opportunities.Throughout Mr Newman's life he has taken advantage of ever opportunity to better perfect his craft.He has attended many educational institutions and has had many Artist-in-Residence status' with the privilege to study under a multitude of knowledgeable teachers.As an Artist-in-Residence,he has worked and performed with:dance africa,urban gateways,najwa dance corp,urban credo,felix D-KAT pollard,lupe fiasco,joel hall dance studios,beloit college,alyo's children dance theater,pentecostal spirit of truth,pegasus players,vandercook college of music,after school matters.Just to name a few.Mr Newman says that he is one of chicago best kept secret.
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