1 “Jeremy Buck” 1
* May 26, 1974
United States
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biography He reminds you of Elvis, sings like Cash, and writes like Beck. Jeremy Buck's debut album "A Secret Made of Dreams" (Chateau Motel Records), released April 2005 is a refreshing alternative to today's assembly line, machine pressed pop/rock. What makes it so different? Perhaps it's the "A" list, superstar weight that it carries. During the two-year stretch it took to record, Jeremy managed to pull in a handful of the industries best to record with him. Dig Lewis (Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner) laid bass on several tracks; Moe Z M.D. (John Mellencamp, Wallflowers) along with his sister Keila (Earth, Wind & Fire) provided keyboards and the soulful backing vocals that are heard through out the record. Jimbo Ross (Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, Coolio) added viola, and Michael Smith (The Why Store) played guitar. All together the record boasts performances from over twenty different musicians giving it a depth and diversity that a lot of today's records lack. Mixed with Jeremy's genuinely quirky and eclectic style of songwriting that has drawn comparisons to the Beatles, Frank Zappa, Johnny Cash, and Beck, "A Secret Made of Dreams", is a fresh look at what's possible in today's derivative commercial music market.

Jeremy Buck entertains his audience in an almost, "Rock Show / Talk Show Host" manner. From behind his leopard skin drum kit at center stage, which proudly flaunts his donkey "Jack the Ass" on the bass drum, Jeremy rocks like every entertainer should. With boundless energy and wreckless enthusiasm he plays songs from his upcoming release, "A Secret Made of Dreams" (Chateau Motel Records). He is quite the performance multi-tasker utilizing a number of instruments on stage. He plays drums and sings, both standing up and sitting, he plays piano while playing drums and singing, and serenades the crowd with his acoustic guitar. From rock to reggae to folk to the abstract, Jeremy Buck runs the gamut of a rock 'n roll show. For genuine entertainment at it's finest, the Buck stops here!

Band Members

Jeremy Buck / Joel Geist / Chris Hanna


Rolling Stones, Prince, Frank Zappa, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Paul McCartney, Keith Moon, James Brown.

Sounds Like

Imagine if you had a blender, I mean a big f..@king blender, and you put Johnny Cash, Prince, Mick Jagger, Frank Zappa & Paul McCartney in there, grinded it up, and had Keith Moon (drummer for The Who) serve it to you!

Record Label

Chateau Motel Records

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