Mykill (mike) Aresco
* March 15, 1984
United States
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biography From central(?) Connecticut and calls San Antonio Texas home. First band in 1985 was Hysterical Therapy with high school friend Larry Skinner. In this band Larry was the drummer and Mykill was the guitarist! It was Van Halen style music. They played around for a few years seeing a transition into metal genre of Metallica type music. Later in 1991 Mike decided to start a band that player nothing but Slayer, the birth of Dead Skin Mask. With not much luck finding musicians to play Slayer music, at least correctly, he joined up with buddy Frank Thomas in 1992. This was Gridlock. Mostly rock music with a speed metal drummer, had a hard time finding the ear of the public. The 2 styles are not really hand in hand. "The rockers didn't dig my drums, and the metal headz did not get the rest of the band!" This band would change more nembers and names than you would believe. First name considered was Lightning. Frank came up with Gridlock after watching the movie "Singles". Later it was swithced to G-Lock, then Various Artists, and eventually later in 1998, 86 Aspartame. 1994 brought the end of Gridlock when Mike joind with Lost Soul. A thrash band with star shredder Bryan Reilly, bassist Tony Mica, and vocals, Charlie Burke. This band would last , with Mike, till October 1998. Once again Mike and Frank Thomas wouls work together, this time as stated earlier, 86 Aspartame. In 2000 Mike left for Texas. It was there that he would fine the line up of pro's for the Slayer tribute. Mike played with SA Sanctuary for a while, then leading to the current project Dead Skin Mask.
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