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* November 19, 1971
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biography I have been playing the drums ever since i was a little kid. I started in a marching band even before i was big enough to walk away with the drum. My parents and brothers were all musicians, so the instruments have always been there. But it wasnt before i saw Marillions Ian Mosley on the Misplaced Childhood tour that i decided to play the drumkit. I have been playing ever since. For 3 years i have been studying with Ernst van Ee who introduced me for the double bass technics. There was no way back: I had to become a rock/metal drummer.In 1998 my brother Ron and i started Ulysses.

In 2000 i moved back to Norway where i had lived a couple of years before and played with several bands. In 2007 i met Ole jens,Odd and Tom Cato who i play with in 2 different bands "Forsaken" and "Bad Luck". The chemistry is good , we have lots of funn so i think the future looks good. Stay in touch.

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