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* August 26, 1974
United Kingdom
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biography 2005-

Teacher of instrumental performance – percussion -"THEME MUSIC" LONDON

song writer and producer for commercial advertisment.

private drum lessons,

R&B, fusion, jazz rock/pop side man

preparing solo album in 2008.

Sept 2002 - Aug 2005

Teacher of instrumental performance – percussion instruments – Karol Szymanowski State School of Music (1st and 2nd level) in Jelenia Góra, Poland.

Teaching instrumental performance (drum, timpani, vibraphone, jazz set)

I introduced new American rudimentary methods of membranophone playing and their applications for jazz set. My students frequently gave concerts to promote our school in the region, in other Polish towns and internationally (Germany). One of my students, Ewelina Ku?akowska, was admitted into Emmanuel Sejourne’s class at the Strasbourg Conservatory of Music (France).

During my employment, I passed the qualifying examination for a contract teacher position.

Besides teaching, I cooperate with the Sound Designers Jazz band. The band consists of four highly talented and qualified musicians, who graduated from Jazz Academy in Katowice and Zielona Góra.

Jan 2002 – Aug 2005

Cooperation with the Philharmonic Hall of Lower Silesia

Contract performer – classical and modern music

Wind and percussion instruments section

Sept 1999 – Aug 2002

Music Production Manager for the Weekend, Weekend music programme of TV5 in Wroc?aw, Poland

The popular Weekend, Weekend music programme by Marek Obszarny is broadcast twice a week for the region of Lower Silesia. The music used in the programme was mostly composed by myself. In the studio, the Stefan Gasieniec Trio jazz band performed most of the music live.

Beside providing music for the programme, I was also employed as Music Programming Manager. I was responsible for selecting music for the programme, postproductions, edition and in part for music background to films used in the programme.


Recording the material for pop discs of Zbigniew Holdys (Maciej Winogrodzki), Piotr Lato, Sode Jazz, Andrzej Danek & Sode Jazz and Mietek Szczesniak at the music studios: S1 and Winicjusz Chrust Studio in Sulejówek.

Participation in eight Actors’ Song Festivals in Wroc?aw (Poland), where together with the band we were preparing music arrangements and performing live for the public TV channel TVP1.

MTV Classic Polska, Maciek Winogrodzki Rock Music

Sept 1995 – Sept 2005

Session performer – bands – cooperation

Psyche Tong, Conglomo, Idol Polska 2004(Ewelina Flinta), Idol Polska2005 (Piotr Lato), Maciek Winogrodzki, Cocon‘s Club, All Rhythm Project, Andre DanekR&B Project, Be 4

2000 – Founder of the Sound Designers Jazz Quartet

Concerts given at jazz festivals in Poland and in Germany

Jazz on the Oder – Wroc?aw, Poland

Jazz on the Bóbr – Zgorzelec, Poland

Meeting Jazz – Goerlitz, Germany

Work on musicals:

During university studies – teacher’s training at secondary school of music under the guidance of Prof. Jacek Wota

Composing music commissioned for commercial spots at private radio stations


June 2000 Master’s degree conferred by K. Lipi?ski Academy of Music in Wroc?aw, Poland

Title of diploma dissertation: Application of computer technology in music production

Oct 1995 – June 2000 One-tier course of study for master’s degree at K. Lipi?ski Academy of Music in Wroc?aw, Poland

May 1995 Matura [A-levels equivalent]

Sept 1991 – May 1995 Secondary School of Artistic Crafts in Jelenia Góra, Poland

Stream specialising in Wood Processing


July 1992 – 1996

- International Percussion Workshops in Bydgoszcz, Poland

Workshop leaders: Cezary Konrad, Tomasz Losowski, John Beck, Micha? D?brówka

- Jazz and Percussion Workshops in Bydgoszcz and Warsaw, Poland

Work as a guide of a group of young participants, which provided me with experience in tutoring young people; that included enlarging the scope of their musical knowledge and improving their abilities to play percussive instruments

Workshop leaders: John Beck, Greg Bissonet, Cezary Konrad,Tomasz Losowski


- International Jazz Workshops in Chodzie? and Pu?awy, Poland

Workshop leaders: Adam Makowicz, Marek Napiórkowski, Cezary Konrad, Darek Kaliszuk, Jacek Wota

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