* June 10, 1970
United States
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biography Randy Ebert (aka Pseudofork) has been in and out of the music scene for the past 20 years. Starting on the drums at age 7, Randy has played in numerous cover bands over the years and has also worked with bands Kanyuh and The Yellhounds doing original work. After about 5 years of working with Kanyuh and The Yellhounds, like most bands, they broke up. Randy then decided to get paid to do what he had been doing in The Yellhounds for free and that was to be a sideman. Randy became a drummer for hire and worked on numerous demos and a couple albums for various local artists while attempting to put another original project together. Randy made a few contacts and some appearances as a fill-in drummer but nothing seemed to work out long term. Becoming disilliusioned with the local music scene, Randy concentrated on his other career as a Police Officer. Seeking the excitement of music again, Randy began looking into fusing acoustic and electronic drums and percussion with samples and loops and creating original compositions. He had no idea how to accomplish that until he came across an artist/drummer from New York named Tony Verderosa. Tony is known as the DJ Drummer for his ability to perform complete compositions live with no other augmentation other than a few electronic pads, samplers, and vocoders. Tony has an amazing sound and has given Randy the inspiration to try something new after being an acoustic drum purist for most of his musical career. Randy is beginning to research and assemble an acoustic/electronic kit that will serve his needs the best. Randy has also begun to learn keyboards and is currently composing with the use of Sony Acid Pro and his laptop. Randy is also currently looking for a songwriting - performing partner or partners to take this vision to the next level. To Be Continued... Pseudofork
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