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* January 2, 1972
United States
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biography On January 2, 1972 in Scranton PA Joe "Witch" Schnessel arrived on the planet earth. Joe was inspired at an early age to music from a cousin Robert Schnessel who played drums in a popular 60's rock band. Also listening to a neighbor Glen Faringers garage rock band in Clarks Summit PA, and of course school marching band throughout middle school and high school years.

The pursuit of knowledge, speed, fun and ever-present power is a recurring theme in the life of drummer/percussionst Joe Schnessel. It's a theme that began to take shape when, as a 9 year old boy who's father took him to the Playboy Club on a vacation. There Young Joey Schnessel met an amazing drummer who's name unfortunately is lost. He was set up in the lounge getting ready to play. This man was as striking looking, as his huge drum set was with both electric and double bass set together. His dark African American skin mixed strikingly with his blue eyes and a Jewish heritage to top it off. This man caught his attention. After staring at him with a memorized look on his face, as if I was looking at some kind of super hero. The drummer asked if Joe would like to come up and play. hell yeah he did....and that was it. Joe was going to be a drummer. So on Joes 10th birthday January 2 1982 a van arrived at the house with a brand new blue sparkle Ludwig drum set. Since that day Joe has studied with many teachers, worked through several books and Videos and taught several students to play at all levels..

Joe Played with several bands, but most recognizable bands are

MALEVOLENT CREATION and HELLWITCH who he is currently playing with.

Joe has been signed to independent record labels, and has studio and touring experience. Joe has tried to cover all aspects and styles of drumming, to combine sounds together and form different sounds than the normal straight beat.

Chops creative chops! Joe is well known for his lightning fast rolls played hard or soft in a melodic creative styling around the drum set and his fast feet rolls and solo's. On the drums and on the pool table, the Witch is a force to be recogned with.

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