Berni Bovens
* January 22, 1961
The Netherlands
Berni Bovens is a first call freelance drummer in Netherlands, Belgium & Germany. Berni has played with many great international artists, including Zucchero, Umberto Tozzi, Tony Hadley, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Marco Borsato, Jan Vayne, Dana Winner, Lee Towers, Rene Froger, Toots Thielemans and many others.

Berni Bovens' musical education:

72-79: - Music school in Maastricht, The Netherlands, study in classical percussion

81-84: - Music school in Heerlen, The Netherlands, BA
in classical percussion (including studies in harmony, eartraining, history of music and piano)

85-87: - Royal Conservatory in Rotterdam, The Netherlands (studies in contemporary, popular
music and jazz, harmony, eartraining, history of jazz
and ensembles)

83-95: - private studies with among others: Steve Gadd, Tom Brechtlein, Joel Taylor, Alex Acuna, Rene Creemers, Fred van Vloten, Bruno Castellucci, Jeff Porcaro (studio days), MIs in Los Angeles (5 weeks of clinics and masterclasses attendance).

Berni Bovens' experience includes
- Big Bands:
KNP Big Band, Big Band 77, Big Band Musicschool in Heerlen, and Big Band James Mill

- Disco/funk:
Jimmy Walker Band, and Rock d House

- R&B:
Robert Walker (The Platters, USA)

- Soul:
Jimmy Bell Martin, Chain of Fools, and Soul Power

- Dance Bands:
Chris Harway Band, Rene Krans Band (USA and Canadian tours), Ragtime Band, Sir James, Roly Poly and Ritmic Group (Austria Tour)

- New Wave:
Dave Allen Band, Rick Nolov Band

- House/Acid Jazz:
Something Fresh

- Pop/rock:
Walter Nita, The Run, The Deal, The Wall, The Game, Volumia, Berlub, Midnight Blue, Dirty Business, Colonel Buckshot, Time Bandits, Alides Hidding & Friends, Mannheim, Nightriders, B-Pop, Wendy, BV Vastgoed, Brenda, Abygale, Fawn Ihrwald, Marleen vd Broek, Susanne Hayo, Luc Devens, Ewan Mack, Matthew Pike, and Justian Kampen

- Latin:
Rudy DQualya (Massada) and Nippi Noya

- Jazz:
Frank Giebels Trio (mainstream, bepop), Quarterback (fusion), Emiel van Egdom band feat. Eric Gale (fusion), Strange Fruit (latin jazz, recording), Theo Breuls (jazz trio), Aquabogue (jazz-latin), Fuzzylogic (jazz-latin), Foolish Heart (jazz-latin), Nancy Deusings Quartet, Eva Jane (jazz-pop-soul), Glenn Corneille (jazz), Tony Bennet, and Jazzy.

Berni Bovens is currently working with Symphonic Factory, Toots Thielemans
- Hooverphonic, Philip Catharine, Praga Khan, Ozark Henry, Zap Mama, Neeka, Spark, Sarah, Philippe Lafontaine, Bai Kamara, Luc De Vos (Gorki), Zornik, JL Daulne, Sylver, Annie Cordy, Will Tura, Ann Cambier, Kadja Nin, Jasper Stevelinck & Kolacny, Sandra Kim, Belle Perez, Stella, Mark Meersman, Cor Bakker, Howard Carpendale, Bob Hoogendoorn, Ren Shuman & Angel Eye, Xander de Buisonj (Volumia), Big, Black & Beautiful, Richard Clayderman (Fr), Fons Heuvelmans, among others.
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