Brian "Edsel Dope" Ebejer
* March 21, 0000
United States
Only few have heard of Brian Ebejer, But drop the name of Brian's alias, Edsel Dope, and things are copletey different.

Edsel Dope is best known as frontman of the industrial band Dope. However, Edsel/Brian knows how to play drums as well. He started playing drums at age four.

In November 2005 he joined the Florida-based band Makeshift Romeo as the group's new drummer.

Lead singer and main songwriter Edsel Dope, was raised in South Florida by his single mother. He explains "I grew up in low-class neighborhoods where you had to be street-wise just to get by and hustle your ass off to get ahead."

Growing up he would practice on his drum set by playing along to to his Kiss albums.

As the years passed, Edsel's love for music grew and expanded. He started out listening to a lot of glam punk, then gangsta rap, and then moved onto industrial metal, where most of his musical influence comes from. He says "I left home at 16 years old and because of this was exposed to a lot of the urban struggle that most white Americans aren't exposed to."

Edsel ended up in Las Vegas, where he met one of his best friends Ginger Fish. Edsel was staying wtih Ginger when Ginger joined Marilyn Manson. When Manson recorded Smells Like Children, Edsel joined Ginger in New Orleans and the two shared an apartment with Manson's keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy.

In 1995 Edsel moved to New York City with his older brother Simon, and formed the band Dope in 1997.

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