Derrick Pontier
United States
Drummer Derrick Pontier has been playing drums for over 30 years. He has performed for numerous bands, and on various recording projects. Derrick has also taught at a number of workshops and drum clinics.

Derrick Pontier has played drums in Great White since February 2001. Late 2000 previous skinshitter Audie Desbrow decided to call it quits and Derrick took over on the vancant drum throne.

Derrick Pontier also played with Poison guitarist CC Deville's solo band Samantha 7 for a few shows in the United States and the United Kingdom. He is featured on the 2001 live record 'Thank You, Goodnight'.

As a session drummer Derrick has worked with various projects, including Warrant guitarist Joey Allen's solo record.

Derrick has also been performing in an All Star band with members including Angel’s Frank DiMino and Stryper’s Oz Fox

Derrick Pontier has traveled all over the world. Tours from 2001 to present day include USA, Canada, Europe & Asia Singapore, Japan, etc.
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