Jeremy Stacey
United Kingdom
Jeremy Stacey drummed as a professional with Chris Robinson (former Black Crowes), Echo & the Bunnymen, Malcolm McLaren, Patricia Kaas, Robbie Williams, Sheryl Crow, Susanna Hoffs, Will Young, Andrea Bocelli and many more.

Stacey's biography, in his own words:
Producer and drummer Jeremy Stacey's quest for enlightenment (in and out of the studio) began with his birth in human form (1963). By the age of 4 Jeremy and his identical twin, Paul, were playing anything they could get their hands on; and by the time they were 12 they were coercing their luckless parents into supplying them with musical instruments and were playing with plenty of volume and increasing panache - Paul on guitar, Jeremy on drums and keyboards.

At age 14 Jeremy Stacey moved to London, to attend drama school and play music. He had no interests in life, but two obsessions - music and acting, to which he devoted all his time. OK, music, acting and girls. Plus a yearning to fully understand, and thereby transcend, the emptiness of the phenomenal world. When he was 16, Jeremy was already starting to record with different bands (in their parallel thespian career the twins had, by this time, already appeared in numerous TV, theatre and radio productions). From age 21 he drank deeply of the London jazz scene, and has played with some of the finest in this milieu.

At 27, Jeremy joined The Lemon Trees - a band formed by Guy Chambers when he left World Party. This marked Jeremy's re-ascendance into the penthouse of pop, after years in the jungle of jazz. Though the Trees never quite attained world dominance, the experience of recording their two albums with Jack Joseph Puig (Jellyfish, Black Crowes) served as a platform from which Jeremy boarded the express train of music production.

Jeremy's now devoting a lot of time to production, doing some work with well-known artists but also spending a lot of time bringing on new talent. Some of his main features as a producer are: boundless enthusiasm, technical know-how, experience of studio recording, equanimity regarding all formations, talent for imaginative arrangements, and a lot of interesting gear.

He is so very, very ace.

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