Darren Henley "D.H." Peligro
* July 09, 1960
United States
Darren Henley Peligro, best known as D.H. Peligro, played drums in famous US punk outfit The Dead Kennedys. He also played in The Red Hot Chili Peppers for a while, replacing initial drummer Jack Irons. In March 1989 Chad Smith took over his place and became a permanent member of the Peppers.

D.H. Peligro was born in St. Louis on July 9, 1960. Inspired by his uncle who was a blues player, D.H.'s mother purchased a guitar for Christmas. "I wanted an electric guitar like Jimi Hendrix," said D.H. "instead my mom purchased an acoustic so we took it back and got a baby drum kit."

At the age of 17, D.H. moved to San Francisco to pursue his love of music. To make a living, he took odd jobs like delivering pizza and a stint flipping burgers at McDonalds.

Perserverance paid off when D.H. saw an ad for a drummer for a band called the Dead Kennedys. Soon, D.H. became the fourth member in the Dead Kenneys and with his fast drumming, replacing initial drummer Bruce Slesinger, better known as Ted. The Dead Kennedys became one of the most popular and important hardcore political bands of the eighties. Their LP 'Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables' went Gold in Great Britian and their single 'Too Drunk to Fuck' became one of Britians top 40 singles.

After their break up in the mid eighties, D.H. went on to play with other bands such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nailbomb.

D.H. Peligo is currently the front man of his own menacing group simply known as Peligro. Their third album, 'Sum of our Surroundings', is nominated for Rock Album of the Year with the American Music Awards and D.H. Peligro has recently been nominated to receive a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame. When asked how it feels to have such a great musical impact on so many people Peligro responds "Its mind blowing. While touring with the Dead Kennedys I would see kids worldwide singing along to our songs and sporting their Dead kennedys t-shirts. It shows how much love they still have for us after all these years..."

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