Mike Dolbear
United Kingdom
Mike Dolbear has been a professional drummer for over 20 years having studied with some of the greatest teachers including Kenny Clare, Max Abrams and Bob Armstrong. He has worked in a variety of musical situations, including studio, musical theatre, backing cabaret covers bands.

Mike Dolbear's teaching studio has been running for over 10 years and many of his students have gone on to play in a professional situation either as a teacher themselves or a player working with Geri Halliwell, Paul Young, Van Morrison or The God Machine to name but a few.

Mike Dolbear also teaches in-house for a couple of record companies where he is employed to help new drummers in the business work in the studio, or to generally improve their overall playing.

Nowadays he runs his own a not for profit independent web site with Gerry McDonnell, "to bring the drumming community together, to share knowledge and experience for the mutual benefit of all."
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