Kai Johnny "Trym Torson" Mosaker
As a musician Kai Johnny Mosaker operates under the moniker of Trym Torson. Furious blastbeasts and raging doublebass-drums in an unhumanly high tempo. That is Trym's style of drumming, perfectly fit for the black metal style of music he makes. Trym:
"I first got into drums when I saw a Kiss video when I was around 10. But when I finally started to play myself, I was very much into Slayer and Kreator, and influenced by that kind of drumming."
The first half of the nineties Trym was the drummer of Norwegian act Enslaved. In 1995 Trym became a member of Emperor, replacing Bård Faust behind the drum-kit.

After leaving Emperor Trym started tot play in Zyklon. Other projects Kai Johnny Mosaker/Trym Torson was/is involed in: Ceremony, Imperium, Obnoxious, Shadow Season and Tartaros.

Trym was hired by Old Man's Child as a drummer for the Revelation 666 tour in May 2000. Early 2004 Trym played as a session drummer during Satyricon's US Tour 2004.
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