Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr.
* September 20, 1979
United States
Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr. heard about the band Lifehouse through the grapevine while he was living in Los Angeles and fresh out of the Los Angeles Music Academy. The Gilbert Arizona native had spent much of his childhood pounding on things. Coming from a musical family; His mom plays piano, his dad plays piano and guitar and his brother plays guitar for Teen pop star Michelle Branch, Rick took to the drums with a keen interest and ease. Rick's parents figured he was destined to be the next musician in the family so they bought him a drumkit and he right away began to take lessons.

Rick Woolstenhulme studied at the Los Angeles Music Academy where he studied under the tutelage of Mike Shapiro. Rick met his future bandmates Jason and Serge at a practice space where his band had the room next door to Lifehouse. After he heard they were looking for a drummer to replace John "Diff" Palmer, Rick approached them and things just clicked right from there. Says bandmate Jason Wade, "It was one of those weird coincidences. As soon as we met and started playing with Rick, we knew he was they guy".

in 2000, Rick Woolstenhulme joined the band and, soon thereafter, he performed on the dbut album 'No Name Face'.

Rick Woolstenhulme has since performed on each Lifehouse recording.

In addition to his work with Lifehouse, Rick Woolstenhulme has performed on numerous recordings, including those of Shawn Colvin, Rihanna, Lee Nash, Rocco Deluca, Britney Spears, Dave Matthews, and Palo Alto. He has also toured with Pearl Jam in 2001, Matchbox Twenty in 2002, The Rolling Stones in 2003, and various headlining tours since 2000. Beginning in 2013, Woolstenhulme toured with the Goo Goo Dolls following the departure of Mike Malinin.
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