José Pasillas
* April 26, 1976
United States
A self-confessed 'skate punk', when Jose Antonio Pasillas first got into drumming he knew exactly what he wanted to hear. Bands like Firehose, the Police, Primus, 311, Led Zeppelin, and drum 'n' bass shifters Roni Size and Reprazent were his influences, so he wanted his playing to have it all: the power, the finesse, the swing, the swagger, and the groove. You can sense it, mixed with energy, anticipation and excitement when he lays it out for Incubus.

Like his band Incubus, Jose Pasillas plays hard, but musical. It's a strength that powered their debut album, Make Yourself, to international success. Onstage Jose puts out wicked grooves and punchy fills on everything from rock to hip-hop, delivering the goods with such power and desire that this new drummer is definitely on to watch now and for the future.

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