Craig Nunenmacher
United States
Craig Nunenmacher joined the New Orleans based Crowbar in 1991 and recorded three studio albums, live EP, and made numerous trips through Europe and the US.

After a short stint with Near Life Experience, he joined with Crowbar again just in time to tour alongside Black Label Society in March of 2000. Craig Nunenmacher replaced previous drummer Phil Ondich.

In 1995 Craig Nunenmacher was replaced by Jimmy Bower in Crowbar. Several drummers came and went until in May 2004 Crowbar announced a new line-up for their European tour and beyond featuring Tommy Buckley on drums.

With Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society Nunenmacher lays down the rock-solid grooves: "“Some people figure that playing with a guy like Zakk means it’s virtuoso time for the drums too. But we’re not a jam band. If we were doing that I’d be playing solos for maybe a couple of hundred other musicians who’d come to the club each night to see us do our whacked-out stuff. This isn’t about that; it’s about the songs. It’s really important for me to be the backbone with this band. I’m not just pummeling all the time; I’m playing the nuances of the music. It’s elevated my playing, but it’s also taken me full circle, back to Zeppelin and Black Sabbath and AC/DC. Really, it’s made me a rock and roll drummer again.” Mostly he breaks the rhythm down to basics: four beats on the hi-hat, skull-cracking snare hits, some punchy stuff on his twin kick drums, always leaving plenty of space in case Wylde wants to cram in even a few more notes.
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