Andols "Andy" Herrick
* November 09, 1979
United States
Andols 'Andy' Herrick started drum lessons in 1988. He first played in a band called Sanctum. Later, found by Rob Arnold, he joined Chimaira.

Herrick played drums and percussion in Chimaira, became quite succesful and loved it for a long time. Early January 2004, however, he decided to leave the band, fed up with the extensive touring. In an official statement Harrick declared:
"I am really burned out on the touring lifestyle. It takes a special kind of person to be on the road 3/4 of the year, performing night after night. You have to live it and love it 100% or it will break you down. Unfortunately, the schedule got the best of me. I got to the point where I wasn't having fun performing anymore, and that is extremely hard to deal with."
Herrick decided to quit and focus on his study. He was replaced by Richard Evensand, known as drummer in Soilwork.

Evensand was followed up by Kevin Talley, but in January 2006 Andols Herrick rejoined Chimaira after almost two years.

In that period Herrick had finished off another three semesters at Kent State University, started teaching drum lessons in Cleveland, and he also was part of the Roadrunner 25th Anniversary album. Recalls the drummer:
"Being involved in this project really was a wake-up call for me as to what I need to be doing. Between the RR United project and the two years away from everything, my passion for music and drumming has really been reignited."
In 2012 former Chimaira drummer Andols Herrick guested on one track on United Arab Emirates-based metallers Benevolent's debut album.
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