Jonny K├Ânig
* May 12, 1988
Jonny K÷nig is the drummer for the German RĺnĺB, soul and pop band S÷hne Mannheims since 2013. In that year, he landed a huge success with transcribing and playing the hilarious ôTransrapidö-speech by German politician Edmund Stoiber on the drums. The related YouTube video titled ôStoiber on Drumsö has over 730.000 views to date. Jonny took his first drum lessons at the age of 5 and after turning 12 he started playing in his first punk rock and alternative bands. Later, he also started to take guitar, piano and vocal lessons as well as writing songs for his bands. After finishing school, Jonny did a concentrated 10-week study at the Drummer's Institute in Dusseldorf, followed by taking the ôPopkursö in Hamburg in 2009 and going to study at the Pop Academy Baden- Wuerttemberg.

Today, Jonny is not only playing for S÷hne Mannheims, but heĺs also writing his own snare etudes, backing tracks and drum pieces, he has composed music for a number of commercials and short films, was involved in theater and musical productions as a drummer and songwriter and is working as a drum teacher.
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