Eric Moore II
United States
Drum Off 2003 winner Eric Moore II achieved notoriety performing with psychedelic funk band Sly and the Family Stone as well as singer Bobby Brown.

Eric Moore joined Venice Beach, California thrash/punk band Suicidal Tendencies in October 2008, replacing Dave Hildago Jr.

Eric Moore is a professional drummer, musician, producer and over of music. Born and raised in Stockton, CA, at an early age of 18 months Eric began playing drums and by the age of 4 he was playing for the church full time. The encouragement from his late great grandfather to play drums affected him so much that at the ripe age of 5, Eric was asked to play with award winning Franklin Sr. High School Jazz Band. His humble yet humorous personality resulted in Eric winning several awards in both jazz and performing arts throughout the school years. As time went by he developed skills in other instruments such as the piano, organ, bass, guitar, and even the saxophone. While he is also gifted to sing and rap, drumming remains his passion.

Below are some of the engagements Eric has had an opportunity to be involved in:
•2004- Founded the Gospel Chops Movement
•2004-2006- began touring with legendary Grammy award winning artist Sly & The Family
•2005-2008- began touring with Grammy award winning R&B icon Bobby Brown
•2006 to present- Chico Debarge , El Debarge, Debarge family
•2008 to present- Member of Infectious Grooves
•2009 to present- Member of legendary Punk rock band Suicidal Tendencies
•2011- Eric toured and booked spot dates for the Grammy award winning group Bell Biv Davoe
•2011- recorded album with peers names TRAM
•2013- recorded new album with Suicidal Tendencies
•2014- Executive Producer of The Experience DVD/Suicidal Tendencies
•2016- Lillake

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