Patti Ballinas
Spain, United States
Patti Ballinas, half Scottish and half Mexican, started to play drums at the age of 10 years. Together with her sisters she played many concerts in Scotland and the band "Angels' Delight" even appeared on scottish television. By the time Patti moved to Mallorca (Spain) the band was working under the name "Aqua Vitae". In eight years of concert experience Patti Ballinas worked with several musicians and bands in Mallorca and Madrid and became a well known drummer in Spain. At the same time Patti formed a "Motown Show" with her sisters she also started her career as a session drummer by becoming a Yamaha Drums Endorser. Patti Ballinas is the first drummer from Spain representing Yamaha Drums worldwide. Along with Akira Jimbo and Wolfgang Haffner Patti Ballinas gave demonstrations for electronic and acoustic Yamaha drums in Spain. And has given solo demos in Portugal, Germany, Italy Spain and Japan. In November 2003 Patti played at the "Groove Night Concert" in Mexico City. Along with the amazing "L.A. Groove Night Band" and the awesome drummers Rick Marotta, Ndgu Chancler, Gerry Brown, David Garibaldi, Antonio Sanchez, Dave Weckl, Russ Miller and John Robinson, Patti Ballinas played with the Groove Night Band directed by Neil Stubenhaus and with Will Lee on the bass.

Patti also co-hosted the whole show with Rick Marotta. Patti Ballinas is currently involved in recording sessions and live performances with various bands playing different styles of music. Jazz, Country, Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Soul and R&B. She is also still playing with "Soul Machine" a band she founded together with the bass player Elon Bivins six years ago. She toured with the recording artist "Buika" two years ago. And last summer was on tour all over Spain with the famous Spanish pop artist "Chenoa".

She has played in Madrid recently with "The Pauls" to present their new album. She also plays in different bands with the outstanding sax player Molly Duncan from the "Average White Band". She is going on tour with Jeffrey Daniel in the U.K. From the 12th of April to the 3rd of May.
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